PTS Fucking D

by 50 Foot Canoe

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I watched a little boy through the sights of my gun,
I felt so numb and cold as I waved at him as we rolled on,
I can’t get my story straight all the days seem the same,
I dream of sweet green eyes but oil fields pollute my brain
(Pollute my brain!)
And its oh so dry in so many ways,
they need to send us home before we all die of aids,
I want to kill the enemy,
but if he could bleach his skin we would be family
They put us on a plane to return us home,
they said good luck nice wishes, now you’re on your own,
wait can someone fix, what the fuck is wrong with me?
My head it keeps on spinning there is no harmony
(No Harmony!)
I went to the store, to buy a loaf of bread,
the man he talked so fast now I am seeing red,
he has a broken jaw and I have two grand bail,
I called my mother up told her my guitar to sell.
(Guitar to sell!)


released 07 February 2014



all rights reserved


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50 Foot Canoe Minneapolis, Minnesota

50 Foot Canoe is a rock band from MPLS. They are currently in the studio writing and recording their upcoming album "We're All Pretty Bad At What We Do".

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